Next week my wife and I celebrate our first wedding anniversary and I thought I'd take the time to have a quick look back this past year and see just how much my life has changed.


12 months ago we got married, after having been together for over 7 years. We had made it on to the property ladder 18 months earlier and now settled I finally got my backside in gear and proposed.

As always I'd left it to the last minute, but had been able to hide the ring in the garage for an entire month before the proposal took place.

Since our wedding it has been an amazing rollercoaster ride. Not one of those ones that's designed to scare you, one of those enjoyable cruises that allow you to see the sites as you go along.


(The Royal) We were pregnant a month later and after the 12 week ultrasound everything kicked up a gear. We were sorting out NCT classes, getting car seats and trying to understand what was going to happen when our child arrived.

We actually finished painting his room and started to stockpile nappies, wipes and baby clothes ready for his arrival.

I loved feeling him kick and move around but never really felt attached to him until he was there in my arms. I keep finding myself just looking at him when we have time together on the sofa or when he sleeps on my chest in bed.


In September my life changed forever when my son was born and in the weeks and months since I've realised just how much my life has and will change.

Its amazing watch him grow and develop and I find myself coming home from work and wondering if he's grow since I saw him in the morning.

He is a great reminder of what I have to be grateful for every morning. I leave my house smiling at the thought of him and my wife being there when I get home and its a feeling that can't be beaten.