Statistically first children arrive in to this world late. However, I was born a week early and whilst that was 28 years ago I can’t help but keep thinking about it as the due date, the 29th gets closer.

My head has started thinking about any which way our child could come in to this world, from ‘normal’ labour right through to being born by caesarean. As a first time dad I don’t know what to expect when my wife goes in to labour. It could be a matter of hours it could be a week.

We don’t have a full on birth plan as it were, it may change for our next child but we are currently looking to go with the flow and see what happens. Neither of us know what will happen when we finally get to the hospital and having heard from other parents in our NCT group there could be any number of things going on. What I know is that I want our child to have the best for them, how that happens remains to be seen.

In these last 2 weeks I don’t see myself having time to mentally prepare. I am fully booked with work until the 28th which is why I’m glad of my wife’s organisation as the bags are already in the car good to go and we know where to go and I know at least 3 different ways to get to the entrance to the delivery suite.

For now I’m sat trying to keep cool and learn as much as possible from friends from our NCT class who have already given birth to their children already.