I can't believe how quickly the last 6 weeks has flown by. It feels like only yesterday I was worrying just how much sleep I would or wouldn't get, and how the hell I change a nappy at 3am but it is all in the past.

In 6 weeks I feel like I have gone from being a newbie dad to a seasoned pro.

  • I can recognise almost any noise my son makes and the reason behind it.
  • I have given up worrying about the state my clothes end up in at the end of the day because of sick
  • I have mastered the dozing efforts when my son sleeps on my chest
  • I can recognise the difference between a smile and a wind smile

I love going home

Before my son arrived I'd get home, walk the dog and probably end up watching TV and then go to bed.

Now, I love to get home for some cuddles and watching my son smile and laugh at apparently hilarious words such as 'batteries'.

There is nothing that can match it, as we start trying to establish a routine I try and get back from work before he has a feed and goes to bed around 7pm. Sometimes we even bath him either with one of us or in his own little bath and it is great to see him kicking away in the water, I can't wait to go swimming with him.

These things and many, many more are now just part of my arsenal when I am dad.

I have also learnt how bad car journeys can be.

A recent trip to Yorkshire resulted in my wife being at the side of the road with a puncture, the baby and the dog in the car and I was stuck in Bristol unable to do anything but phone my parents to ask for help.

That was the first of 2 legs my wife was doing to our final destination an hour north of York in the moors and I was running my conference.

Without the help of my brother, who was able to get to her and lend her his car while he stayed with ours it would have been an afternoon full of chaos as I dealt with it on my mobile unable to actually do anything.

It feels like a lot of the last 6 weeks have been spent in the car driving across the country and it has made me realise how much family and friends are there for you. Especially when your child is in the back of the car screaming being they could be hungry, need changing or anything you can't give them when sitting in the front of the car.

That one was particularly bad, we have had a few which have involved stopping at multiple services on a journey home and while it doesn't take to much out of the journey is can add on a considerable amount of time.

If I could do it all again I wouldn't. I'd let people travel to us and wait until my son was a little older before doing some long (3 hours plus) car journeys.