For a long time now I have wanted children and while resources out there are growing for expectant fathers I’ve found there isn’t an ongoing dialog to tell you what expect over the lifetime of being a dad. This is why I set up ‘Becoming Dad’.

At the age of 28 I’m expecting my first child at the end of September and while I’ve heard stories from other new parents about what their child has been up to these are normally in passing conversation. There are books that tell you what to expect leading up to the birth of your child and those early days of being a parent. There isn’t quite as much information to read or refer to down the road as you and your child grow up. Yes dads, I’m afraid you can’t be a big kid (not until your child is old enough to play with your Star Wars toys anyway).

Maybe you have a second or third child and have to deal with many different things that aren’t mentioned. The big one I can think of being young was moving house. Is there a way to do it with kids that doesn’t result in them screaming down the house, or getting upset and the thought of missing their friends?

This blog is going to be here to track my adventure as I become a dad for the first time and will be an on-going story about things going on in life as it develops. My thoughts and feeling out there for all to read and hopefully get something from.

The first thing I will say is that as my wife and I start looking towards the single digit weeks leading up to the birth of our child, I’m not as scared as I thought I would be, not yet anyway…