I can't believe its been almost 7 months since my son was born. Its been amazing watching him grow up, watching as he learns about the world around him.

He's almost crawling and I watch as he slides his legs under him but can't work out how to push himself forwards once he has done so.

This normally results in frustration and crying because he can't reach the toy he wants, or see anyone to help him. A quick roll on to his back normally results in us smiling and trying to encourage him which results in smiling and laughter.

It does mean he loves to roll around in bed and we find him time and time again rolled on him side or front asleep and as a new dad I keep finding myself wanting to put him back on his back. If I'm lucky he stays asleep. If I'm unlucky, which is most of the time he will stir and wake up which can result in me coaxing him back to sleep by rubbing his tummy or stroking his head.

It'll be interesting to watch in the coming weeks him starting to crawl and then the panic of watching how quickly he can move himself across the floor before I can get to him or close the door!