My wife goes on maternity leave next week and for me it means 2 things.

The first, is that the hard days she has had at work are coming to an end, from everything I have being being pregnant and working sucks especially as you hit 30+ weeks pregnant. It’ll be nice for my wife to get a break for it all before the baby arrives.

Although she is currently wondering what she will be doing with herself in the coming weeks I have already suggested she meet up with the other expectant mums for coffee, or even to go shopping for a limited number of baby things.

I’m sure as the birth gets closer and closer she will find herself nesting down and preparing for it all and before we both know it our child will be with us sharing the world we live in.

Secondly, it means that the birth of our first child is getting close. Our last ‘proper’ NCT has taken place and while it had helped answer many, many questions in the lead up to the birth of our child. I’m sure there will be some that pop up that I won’t know the answer too and some answers I will forget in the coming months.

As it gets closer I keep asking myself if everything is ready for when the baby arrives, am I ready?

We were lucky enough to meet some of the parents from a previous NCT course this week, it was great to get answers to some questions you felt could only be answered by a new father with regards to things like going back to work after paternity leave, or sorting out little things like some sort of schedule.

It was interesting to learn too that while some babies did wake up at regular intervals for feed/changing/etc others had settled in to a routine a lot quicker. Some babies, at 10 weeks were sleeping 4-6 hours already. It was also good to see that while 50% of people may say to wake you baby up for a routine feed every 3 hours for the first so many weeks, others will say that it only makes sense during the day to help teach the baby that during the day you’re meant to be awake.

For me the biggest thing was understanding that while it may sound great to have extended family around the moment the child it born, it actually makes more sense to wait until the routine is set or paternity leave as ended before inviting the family over to meet the latest member of the family.

Dads, you may have to be strong on this one, but it will work out for the best because there is no point is people planning to travel to see you on the ‘due’ date when it isn’t exact and what can be worse is if they plan to stick around over that period of time which can make it even worse. Sorry mums, you may not know everything!