“I’m a Dad!” – That was my tweet at 3:55am, 10 minutes after the birth of my son on Wednesday morning.

The entire labour from the first twinges, lasted just over 27 hours. I’ve never been so proud and amazed by my wife, who managed the entire thing with some paracetamol early on and made use of Entonox (gas and air) right up until she was asked to push.

We weren’t surprised to learn the midwife led birth centre at the hospital was closed when we called on Tuesday night. We had previously been around on a tour and the tour guides also avoided questions relating to when it gets closed because the main delivery centre gets busy.

To us it didn’t matter to much, there had been some ideals we would have liked during the birth of our child but as it was out first we were just going to do with it, and we did.

I didn’t like the idea of doctors running the show as they may get to some guideline that says things can’t take to long as start rushing things along. However, it was totally different.

When we arrived and were taken to our birthing room we had a midwife with us keep an eye on us and giving great words of support to my wife. We did have a couple of interactions with doctors but that came down to taking small blood samples from the baby to make sure their oxygen levels were good because the contractions made the heart rate monitor keeping an eye on baby move away making it look like it was lowering.

Aside from those small interactions everything else was done by midwives and they were amazing, amazing people. Who you know do the same thing day in, day out but take every single effort to make you feel special and give you their undivided attention.

I will be honest here, I didn’t do a lot once we arrived at the hospital. I sat next to my wife and held her hand when she needed me to, made a couple of bad jokes and also made sure she didn’t go hungry or thirsty whilst the contractions were happening.

I guess my mind finally came around to what was happening and how much my life is going to change from that moment forward. We will see just how much things change in the coming days as we go home and start life as a family.